Piano Classes

Piano lab classes meet for 41 minutes each day, 5 days a week.  We start with a warm-up, have a lesson about the topic for the day, and then practice for 20-30 minutes each day.  Students are required to perform pieces they have learned for a grade.  Students are expected to be able to work independently and take responsibility for their own learning.  For a copy of the Piano Lab rules, please click  here.  Para español, presione aquí.. 

Piano 1 Students

At East Millbrook, we use Faber Piano Adventures piano method books to begin learning piano playing.  Additional music (including pop, seasonal, and holiday songs) is also included.  Students are expected to learn 5-finger scales, note reading, and basic rhythm reading at the end of their first semester.  They are expected to complete the Primer Level books and about half of the Level 1 books.

Piano 2 Students

Second semester students continue with Piano Adventures Level 1.  They are expected to complete the Level 2 books and learn major and minor 5-finger scales during the second semester in preparation for entrance into Piano 3.  In addition, Piano 2 students prepare piano solo and ensemble pieces to perform in front of small audiences.  

Piano 3 Students

Piano 3 students continue with more difficult pieces.  They will continue major and minor scales.  Students will be expected to perform in informal settings individually and with others.  Piano 3 is the last step before entering the Piano Guild Program.

Piano Guild

2019-2020 is our first year of Guild at East Millbrook.  The Piano Guild program is competitive and year-long. Only 16 students are selected to participate each year.  Entrance is by audition only.  The Piano Guild Program will study 12 bar blues, chords and lead sheets, jazz, and other piano topics as they continue to advance their piano playing skills.  They will perform in December, February and in the spring in collaboration with the visual arts teachers.   We are also providing piano support for the orchestra in their December concert. 

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